Wolfgang Ganter

Untitled (Chase), 2012, 60 x 98 inches, Edition of 3.

Lucas Cranach der Altere, Adam und Eva, 2007-2012, 98 x 60 inches, Edition of 3.

Untitled (Gelsenkirchener Barock), 2007-2014, 60 x 98 inches, Edition of 3.

Studio View.

Untitled (Ascension), 2005-2011, 60 x 98 inches, Edition of 3.

The engagement of technologies in the basic elements of life have always been followed by philosophical and psychological questions. Art has always been attentive to these developments, sometimes in a curious-experimental and humorous-critical way. I position my work in this historical context, reflecting onto the public through the contemporary world of media. Therefore I try to retransfer parts of the public discourse on science in artistic ways using scientific methods. A crucial intention is to break the iconic power of images and to add new contents.

My work enters the public discourse on science, which often negotiates the positive aspects and dangers in stereotypes. This explicit iconic-critique opens up a new form of communication through the representation of these scientific procedures.

For 12 years I have been working with bacteria strains feeding on photographic slides. The results are manifold depending on age, the chemical make-up of the emulsion, and the various bacteria colonies. The bacteria nourish on the organic photo-emulsion and rearrange all existing colour layers. After drying the processed slide its condition is stable enough to put it under a microscope and generate to up to 2000 digital detail images. These are stitched back together to reproduce the original image. This is the only way to show the biochemical microstructure in all its detail for the human eye. I print and mount the pictures in large scale according to the rich new detail created.

Leonardo da Vinc - La Joconde, 2015, 98 x 60 inches, Edition of 3.

Untitled (Sunscreen), 2008, 60 x 98 inches, Edition of 3.

Untitled (Abyss), 2012-2013, 60 x 98 inches, Edition of 3.