Matt Mitros, Mug Composition # 45 (for Eric), Ceramic, epoxy resin, wire.

David Gabbard

  • Mommy’s Little Monster Light, Brite Fabric, Embroidery Thread, Dole Pegs.
  • The 80’s Were Waaaay Cooler, Doritos Bag, Fabric, Embroidery Thread, Marker.
  • O.K. Cola, Fabric, Thread Marker.
  • No Crust Next Time... Please, PBJ Sandwich/Plate, Fabric, Thread, Photo Transfer.

From Mist to Massage @ King Street Projects

Eric Eley, Ely (maximum), acrylic, collage, graphite on panel, 9.5 x 9.5 inches (framed), 2019.

Made In America crayon, paper, acrylic, collage, 10 x 8 inches.

Leah Rose- Naawaakwaa (middle of the woods) Archival Inkjet Print on Luster Paper, 20 x 16 inches.

Wolfgang Ganter, Acrylic on Dish Rag, 25 x 19.5 inches, 2007.